Essential Oils


What are essential oilsthieves
Essential oils are a highly concentrated liquid, derived from plant sources. This liquid contains volatile compounds from the plant that can be very beneficial to our health and wellness.

Why I started using essential oils
As a mom, I am always looking for natural ways to support my family’s health and eliminate toxins from our home.

Essential oils can be used by everyone
Our entire family uses essential oils, but don’t tell my teenagers I said that. We love how easy they are to use and how quickly we experience the benefits from them.

Like farming, when it comes to essential oils, QUALITY MATTERSlavender
What impresses me most about Young Living Essential Oils is their 20+ year commitment to purity and quality, that they own their farms and distilleries, they practice sustainable farming practices, and their exclusive Seed to Seal guarantee.

Learn more
I would love to help you discover the benefits of these amazing oils.  Lets chat or contact me for an invite to one of my classes (online or in person).

Are you ready to get started now?
You can easily start using Young Living Essential Oils by purchasing the starter kit. With the Premium Starter Kit, you receive 11 amazing oils, a diffuser, product guide, Ningxia samples, a roller ball fitment, Essential Oils magazine, and more. This kit is also 1/2 off making it an even better way to start using oils! You’ll also receive a reference book and exclusive welcome pack from me and I’ll add you to our online groups for support in your new oily lifestyle. Grab your kit HERE.