Commitment to Quality and Health
Our products will be top quality, great tasting, naturally grown & raised, and full of healthy nutrients. We produce foods this way, for our family and our customers, as an alternative to the modernized food system.

Commitment to Relationships
We market our products directly to consumers in order to develop relationships. We want to know how thick you want your steak and if your family likes beets or not. We believe this model of relationships, transparency, and trust is essential.

Commitment to Land Stewardship
We strive to be good stewards of our land by using rotational grazing techniques, rotating crops and crop areas, composting, and utilizing cover crops.

Commitment to Livestock
Heritage Farm raises multiple species of livestock giving each the freedom to do what comes natural to them; chickens enjoy dust baths, pigs root in the mud, sheep and cows graze the pastures. We are committed to an environment which supports good health and well being for our animals by using humane handling practices and providing healthy diets, protection from predation, and appropriate shelter.

Commitment to the Local Economy
We believe the environment and our communities are best served by consuming products that are grown and raised locally. By choosing local food, we invest in our local farmers, and that money is filtered back into the local economy.  Every dollar we spend, truly sends a message.

Our Certifications
We are Certified Naturally Grown. This non-profit organization offers certification for small-scale, direct-market farmers using natural methods, is committed to healthy food and healthy soils, and the programs are based on the highest ideals of organic farming. And while we could obtain more certifications, we’ve chosen not to because ultimately our goal is to develop relationships and transparency with our customers.